Tips for Preventing Enamel Erosion and Cavities

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Enamel erosion and cavities are two dental issues that can harm your teeth and smile if you’re not careful. In fact, enamel erosion occurs when acid from the foods and drinks you consume attack the tooth enamel and wear it away. This gives your oral bacteria the window of opportunity to create a cavity. If you fail to take good care of your teeth and gums, tooth decay can harm your chompers and alter your oral health. As you can see, it’s best to keep these dental issues at bay. To help you do so, our dentist, Dr. Furuta and Dr. Fox, has some recommendations for you.

First, avoid acidic and sugary foods and drinks. These products include things like orange juice, lemons, limes, tomatoes, sweets, soda, and more. If you avoid these things, there is a good chance you’ll avoid enamel erosion and cavities in the first place. If you do happen to have an acidic product, please wait 30 minutes to brush your teeth. If you brush your teeth too soon, your toothbrush can help progress the erosion.

Second, keep up on oral hygiene. This includes brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing your smile once a day, rinsing your mouth with mouthwash daily, and visiting your dentist every six months for a routine dental cleaning and exam. It’s also important to take advantage of fluoride, which is a natural mineral that strengthens your tooth enamel. Fluoride can be found in fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash, a professional fluoride treatment, and tap water.

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