Cosmetic​ Dentistry Might Need to Restore a Tooth with a Porcelain Crown

Here at Lodo Dental, we understand that your smile's appearance means to you. That's why our highly trained dentist, Dr. Nicole Furuta, is trained and experienced at a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments. Many people with multiple cosmetic imperfections in their smile are interested in restoring the faces of their teeth with dental veneers. However, if you just have... read more »

Understanding Your Options for Restoring a Missing Tooth

If you have lost a tooth due to extreme decay or a severe fracture, and without timely restoration, the surrounding teeth will slowly start to alter their positions in response to the void. This can lead to a host of alignment issues and chips on the corresponding teeth in your bite pattern.  Our dentist, Dr. Nicole Furuta is happy to... read more »